Xdriller is a portable Puzzle/Arcade video game. Xdriller is based on the gameplay of the Mr. Driller series, where you have to drill through Tetris-like screens of blocks and collect power-ups while avoiding being squashed by falling blocks.

Xdriller is an open source project developed by me, durmieu. This is a part time hobby done in my spare time to learn how to create all the bits that make a game (models, graphics, music, code...) and put them together in something that works.

The game features Tux and other characters. Characters, levels and other objects are modelled and textured using Blender, The Gimp and other open source tools.

Although Linux is the main development environment, the game also compiles under Windows. I tried to keep the dependencies low and the libraries used are portable: Ogre3d for the graphics, OIS for input and SDL_mixer for sound. A Mac OS X port might be posible and is in the to-do list but I have no acces to a OS-X computer with 3D acceleration to try to port it. Another great feature included lately is localization support, witch is managed by Gettext.


  • * A lot of fun

  • * Two characters to choose from

  • * Levels are png images where each pixel represents a block. Can be made with Gimp, etc...

  • * Infinite random levels

  • * Internationalization with gettext (linux only). Translations: English, Spanish, Catalan, Basque , German and French

  • * Joystick/Gamepad control

  • * Force Feedback "Rumble" on devices that support it (linux only). I've only tested it with Logitech RumblePad2 gamepad but should work with the Xbox controller too.

  • * And the list goes on...