[2010-11-17] v0.8.0:


  • * Compatible with Ogre 1.7
  • * Sourcecode tarball updated
  • * Arch linux AUR package updated
[2010-11-08] Small update:

Just updated ubuntu package and made Infinite levels longer.

[2010-2-17] (Hopefully) Stable Release v0.7.3

The second release today.


  • * French translation by Vincent. Thanks ;)
  • * change the way the credits state works internally
  • * changes the makefile, ebuild and PKGBUILD
  • * some other bugfixes and improvements.

[2010-2-17] Bug fix release v0.7.2

Xdriller is now released to the wild. Since it was published in The Linux Game Tome some days ago I've seen the visits to this page grow from 20 a day to over 300. The game appears in some online blogs and in software portals like softonic and softpedia. Amazing! Someone even made a video review. Thank you for all your bug reports.


  • * config.cfg file format change from XML to Ogre ConfigFile.
  • * player name is now editable in the player options menu.
  • * some other minor bugfixes and improvements.